Below are the formal research teams I have been involved in. Informal projects that did not involve seeking institutional REB approval are not included.

Year Project Team Members Role*
2020 PeerWise Quality Appraisal None PI
2019 – Present Critical examination of the third year Nursing student experience Ghartey, K. Co-PL
2019 – Present Autoethnography of my experience as an Open Education Fellow (Click here for a sneak peek) None PI
2018 – Present Workplace Violence team Horrigan, J. (PI), Berquist, R., Poser, K, Rigg, L., & Dugas, J. Co-I
2018 – 2019 Collaborative APA rubric development and evaluation Rietze, L., Kenrick-Rochon, S., & Brownlee, E. Co-PL
2018 – Present Evaluating Negotiated Grading Shapiro, S., & Corcoran, J. PL
2018 – Present Gamification in Nursing Education team Timmermans, K. Co-PI
2017 – 2018 Interprofessional Education evaluation team Kenrick-Rochon, S., & Raymond, J. Co-I
2013 – 2015 Facebook in Nursing Education Team Carter, L., & Graham, R. PL
2012 – 2013 COPD as Disability: Q-methodology and Social Mapping Study research team Mossey, S., & Bailey, P. Col
2012 – Present Interprofessional Clinical Education team Kim McNab Co-PI
2012 – 2013 Applied Research Team looking at supporting elders living in the community Sheppard, K., Plante, A., Corneau, A., Gascon, C., & Boucher, A. PI
2012 – 2013 Confidence Literature Review Chevalier-Squires, N., & Carvalho-Cavanagh, F. PL
2012 Student Perceptions of Challenges to Their Learning in the Clinical Setting: a Qualitative Descriptive Study Heerschap, C. PI
2012 – 2014 Member of Hand Hygiene study with Sudbury and District Health Unit  Hastie, S., Montgomery, P., & Dowdall-Smith, S. Col
2011 – 2016 Promoting Safe Clinical Practice Policy Evaluation Wilson, V., Timmermans, K. E., & Binette, J. PL
2010 – 2014 Clinical safety in undergraduate nursing education: A Q-methodology study Montgomery, P., Raymond, J. M., Mossey, S., Timmermans, K. E., & Binette, J. PI
2009 – 2013 Migration and Support and Housing research team  Montgomery, P., & Kauppi, C. Col

*If a Research Project:

  • PI:  Principal Investigator
  • Co-I:  Co-Investigator
  • Col:  Collaborator

*If a Service,  Practice, or Teaching Project:

  • PL:  Project Leader
  • Co-PL:  Co-Project Leader PM:  Project Member