I actively seek opportunities to expand my knowledge about various technologies and issues impacting education. I have been strategically exploring opportunities to develop an area of expertise in education. Networking at these events and online has been valuable in expanding my knowledge of best teaching practices. This year you can find me networking and presenting in online spaces and at Queen’s University.

Date(s) Location Activity Title  
2020, October 15 Online, Expanding Horizons Workshop How to turn your Graduate Work into a TED Talk. Lead by Adam Say and Sabina Shah.
2020, October 7 Online, Expanding Horizons Workshop Upgrading your Literature Review (Communication: Storytelling)
2020, October 5 Online, Expanding Horizons Workshop Preparing a Teaching Dossier
2020, September 28 Online Library session Using EndNote (desktop edition) for Managing Citations. Presentation by Siu Yu
2020, September 21 Online Queen’s School of Nursing Academic Series How older cancer survivors are coping amid the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods study. Presentation by Jacqueline Galica, RN PhD (Queen’s University) and Kristen Haase, RN PhD (UBC School of Nursing).
2020, August 28 Online Discussion All Staff Session on Academics During COVID-19 with Kevin Cameron
2020, August 27 Online, Expanding Horizons Workshop Tips on Applying for Scholarships & Fellowships – CIHR (Research)
2020, August 25 Online Certificate COVID-19 Staff Training (Click here for the certificate)
2020, June 4 Online Webinar “The Effects of Police Brutality and Racism on Black Students & Professionals in Education” (presented by African American Affairs at Minnesota State Mankato)
2020, April 29 Online OLC Ideate Conference Sessions “Women in Leadership Roles,” with Jessica Knott “Helping You Help Them: Supporting Teachers in the Use of Online and Distance Learning Pedagogies,” with Monti Tanner
2020, April 24 Online OLC Ideate Conference Sessions “Futurecasting vs. Forecasting,” with Ellen Wagner “Radical Openness,” with Maren Deepwell, Robin DeRosa, Gerry Hanley, Leigh Graves Wolf, and Rajiv Jhangiani
2020, April 16 Online Contact North Webinar How to Teach Online Effectively Using Zoom
2020, April 11 Online Google Meetup Why not me? A discussion of diversity and inclusion. IWD 2020 Celebration: GDG Cloud Sudbury & Women Techmakers (Click here for more)
2020, April 8 Online, Waterloo Webinar Simple and effective online teaching
2020, March 18 Online, Cambrian Discussion with the Hub Assessments, Academic Integrity, Zoom, Remote Teaching Strategies
2020, March Online, NCSBN Course Assessment of Critical Thinking v7.3 (Click here for the certificate)
2020, March 9 Cambrian Presentation Brock McGillis: Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion
2019, November 26 Online Webinar NextGen NCLEX Free Webinar: What You Need to Know Now
2019, November 18 and 19Toronto, Ontario Conference Technology + Education Seminar + Showcase (See reflections here)
2019, October and November Online, NCSBNCourse Test Development and Item Writing v7.3 (Click here for the certificate)
2019, November 6Cambrian Hub Session David Porter: Overview of Innovation in Education
2019 Online Podcast reflection Praxis pedagogy podcasts one through six.
2019, October 29 Online Webinar Scholarship Committee Webinar Series 2019-20: Nursing students’ use of guidelines for pain management in clinical practice – context and influencing factors
2019, October 29 Online Webinar Birks, M., & Smithson, J. (2018, June 27). Cheating in nursing and why students might fall into the trap. Retrieved October 29, 2019, from James Cook University website: https://online.jcu.edu.au/blog/do-nursing-students-cheat-and-why
2019, October 11 Cambrian College Session Innovative Futures: Higher Education Trends towards 2040 (Click here for the reflection)
2019, September Online, NCSBN Course Understanding the NCLEX – A Guide for Educators (Click here for the certificate)
2019, June 22 Sudbury, Ontario Conference Empowering Parents to Raise Resilient Children (Hosted by the Rainbow District School Board)
2019, June 11 to 14 Winnipeg, Manitoba Conference Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Click here for some reflections)
2019, May 28 Online Webinar Elsevier NCLEX Info Session
2019, May 27 Laurentian University Collaborative meetings  Collaborative BScN Program Scholarship Showcase
2019, May 21 to 24 UBC, Vancouver Conference Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) 2019. Making Waves: Educational Disruptions and Transformations. (Click here for reflections)
2019, May 13 Cambrian College Hub PD Session The Importance of Empathy and Diversity
2019, May 10 Cambrian College Hub PD Session Make a First Aid Kit for your Mental Health (Click here for a reflection)  
2019, May through August Cambrian College Course Computer Aps for Business (Excel course)
2019, May 8 Canadore College Conference Stepping Outside the Box – Northern Ontario Simulation Symposium (Click here for a reflection on the keynote)
2019, May 7 Cambrian College Hub PD Session Course Design Part 1: Develop or Dust off the DCO (Click here)
2019, May 2 Cambrian College Academic Division Training Inclusive Design (Jess Mitchell)
2019, May 2 Online Modules Ontario Extend Scholar (Click here) Ontario Extend Empowered Educator (Click here)
2019, April 25 and 26 Laurentian University Conference Laurentian University Teaching and Learning Days (Click here for more information)
2019, April 22 Online Webinar Engaging Large Classes  
2019, March 26 Cambrian College Lunch and Learn Wellness Lunch and Learn: Moroccan Bean Stew
2019, March 19 Online Live video stream from Digital Pedagogy Lab in Toronto Jesse Stommel – How to Ungrade (Click here)  
2019, February 28 Cambrian College Hub PD Session A Part-time Faculty Member’s Journey to Finding More Time (Click here)
2019, March 5 Online Webinar Open is an Invitation: Exploring Use of Open Educational Resources with Ontario Educators by Dr. Jenni Hayman (Creative Commons webathon)
2019, February 25-27 Cambrian College Training SIM-one Essentials and Briefing, Debriefing course (Click here)
2019 Cambrian College Training Accessibility training
2019 Online Modules Earned the following badge from eCampusOntario’s extend modules: Technologist
2019 Toronto, Ontario Mentoring Meeting OE Fellows gathering
2019 Online Training Cultural Diversity training (Click here)
2018 Cambrian College Session  Using Twitter in the Classroom (Click here)
2018 Online Webinar Improving Student Success with Video and Active Learning (Click here)
2018 Cambrian College Training   HR Accommodation and Mental Health Disabilities
2018 Cambrian College Training   Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Training (Click here for the certificate)
2018 Cambrian College Training   OHRC and AODA training
2018 Toronto, Ontario Conference Technology Enabled Seminar and Showcase (Click here for more)
2018 Toronto, Ontario Conference Open Education Ontario Summit: Toronto, Ontario. (Click here for more)
2018 Online Webinar OE Fellows Webinar 4: Policy obstacles for open education in Ontario
2018 Toronto, Ontario Conference Online Learning 2018 Conference (click here for some reflections)
2018 Online Modules Earned the following badges from eCampusOntario’s extend modules: Teacher for Learning, Curator, Experimenter and Collaborator.
2018 Online Live discussion Virtually connecting with Jess Mitchell at the Open Education conference in Niagara Falls (click here).
2018 Online Live discussion Virtually connecting with MJ Bishop, Tutaleni Asino and Hengtao Tang at OpenEd18 (click here).
2018 Online Training Advanced Techniques webinar from Nearpod
2018 Online Course Designing Your Online Course (DYOC) online training. Click here for the reflection. Click here for the certificate.
2018 Online Training  Cultural Diversity Training
2018 Cambrian College Session James M. Lang  – Keynote on Cheating in Post-Secondary Education and Breakout Session. Click here for the reflection.
2018 Online Course Making Sense of Open Education MOOC. Click here for participation blogs.
2018 Cambrian College Session Beneficial for All; Essential for Some. Click here for the reflection.
2018 Online Lunch and Learn Several Lunches with Alan Levine as a part of participation in Ontario Extend. Click here for some reflections.
2018 Online Live discussion Virtually Connecting with BC Festival of Learning. Click here for the reflection on one of the two  events.
2018 Cambrian College Session Film Screening: The Internet’s Own Boy (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College). Click here for the reflection.
2018 Cambrian College Conference  Open Day (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College). Click here for the reflection.
2018 Cambrian College Training  Academic Accommodations for College Students (Cambrian College)
2018 London, Ontario Conference  Advancing Learning 2018 Conference (London, Ontario)
2018 Sudbury, Ontario Conference  Canadian Network of Innovation in Education (CNIE) Conference (Sudbury, Ontario)
2018 Cambrian College Session Equity 101: The Do’s and Don’ts (Cambrian College)
2018 Cambrian College Session Going Gradeless: A growth Centered Approach to Assessment (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College)
2018 Cambrian College Session Pineapple Project Revival: A Faculty Showcase (Cambrian College)
2018 Cambrian College Session DCO/Master Syllabus/Syllabus (Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub. Cambrian College)
2018 Cambrian College Training  Security Awareness Training
2018 Delft, Netherlands Conference OE Global
2018 Toronto, Ontario Networking event OER Fellowship Retreat (Toronto, Ontario. Hosted by eCampusOntario)
2018 Online Session Health Equity and Cultural Safety in an Indigenous Context (attended an online presentation by Victoria Smye)
2017Extend Institute pilot group
2017Simulation Workshop Series: The “how-to”
2017Advising Like a Coach: Empowering Students for Success (4 part series)
2017Intro to Academic Coaching
2017Sharpening Your Learning Edge; Your Personal PD Plan
2016Lambton College Mobile Summit 2016
2016Northern Ontario Intercollege Scholarship Exhibition (NOISE)
2016Choices and Changes: Clinician Influence and Patient Action
2016Mental Health First Aid Training
2015Northern Ontario Intercollege Scholarship Exhibition (NOISE)
2010 – presentProduction of educational YouTube Videos on the NurseKillam channel
2013Advancing Learning Conference
2013Connecting with the Connected (Facilitated by Jeremy McQuigge)
20138th International Conference of the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (Carleton University)
2013TCPS 2: Course on Research Ethics (CORE)
2013AODA – Information and Communications Standard Training
2012Research Informing Professional Practices and Theory (Laurentian University Faculty of Professional Schools Conference)
2012Four High Impact Ideas that Can Change Patient Safety (Facilitated by Charles Denham and Franck Guilloteau)
2012Simulation Learning System Workshop (Facilitated by Francoise Gravelle and Erin Carlson)
2012Alternative Delivery: Better, Faster, More Flexible, Less Expensive (Facilitated by Lynn Sugden)
2012Authentic Assessment and Evaluation of the Affective Domain:   An Interactive Workshop for Cambrian College Faculty, Staff and Administrators (Facilitated by Mike Hill)
2012Authentic Group Evaluation Workshop (Facilitated by Maxine King)
2012Courageous Conversations Facilitator (Cultural Safety), Laurentian University
2012Indigenous Aspects of Cultural Safety Education, Laurentian University
2011Gentle Persuasive Approaches Training (Cambrian College)
2011Lead in “Unsafe Student Policy” development at Cambrian College
2011The Last Gifts: Creative Ways to be with the Dying Workshop (Warmhearts Palliative Caregivers Sudbury/Manitoulin)
2011Powered Pedagogy Workshop (Huntington University)
2011Community contribution: Q-methodology consultant for Wanda Eurich – Homeless Individuals and Families Information System Community Coordinator